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Welcome to Divine Remnants!

Those Who Remembers ..
The days of the
Cataclysm are far behind us, and for most, it has become no more than a mere whisper in the winds. The epic betrayal of Azphel has been reduced to stories told from one generation to the next, without meaning and without consequence.

But there are those of us that remains that had the misfortune of witnessing the demise of the once glorious Tower of Eternity and with it Empyrean Lords Siel and Israphel's last deed to save Atreia. Millions perished that day and for those of us destined to carry on this tale of peril, ascended to protect what is left.

Soldiers, aristocrats, commoners alike, we were all cursed to walk the Elyos lands for an eternity. Forever locked in battle with the Balaurs and our once brethren, the Asmodians. We all derived from the fallout of the echos of the past; the remnants of what was now comes together to offer each other comfort, companionship, and more importantly, strengthen our stance against ALL foes of Elysea.

We are the Divine Remnants!

..... let the fate that intertwines us be the symbol that inspires .....

Divine Remnants is a group of like-minded roleplayers who are committed to having fun first and foremost. We believe that balance is the key to enjoying any game. Therefore we are very committed to leveling, PvP, and of course RP.

Having that said, Divine Remnants are opened to new RPers as well as non-RPers. We realize that RPing is not for everyone and there are many good players that would be missed otherwise. We only ask that everyone be respectful of others' preferences.

We are an intimate legion with an open door for all those who seek refuge.

**A big thank you to Squeebo for doing his magic on the legion Emblem**

Legion Stats:

Brigade General:  Ena
   Ceit, Ezraeil, Taeniel
Fraction:   Elyos
   Israphel (Unofficial RP Server)
Legion Level:
Small (less than 35 Total Members)
Roleplay Level:   
Medium to Heavy, Non-RPers welcomed!
Legion Storyline:    Nomadic in nature, mercenary based
Ventrilo Use:  

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